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Pet Cremation by McCormack Funeral Home

Our pets, our family.

We spend years loving and caring for our pets, cherishing the unconditional love they give us back. When the time comes to say goodbye, we know this may well be one of the most difficult moments of our lives.

As a Funeral Director and pet lover too, I understand the grief that many suffer from a loss, and losing a pet is no different. With any loss, it is hard to say goodbye.

It is through my appreciation of pets as cherished family members that has led McCormack Funeral Home to being the first funeral provider in Lambton County to offer pet cremation and burial services, to serve all members of your family.

At McCormack Funeral Home, no matter which member of your family requires our services, we know at this difficult time you can count on us.

Cameron McCormack

Pet Cremation by McCormack Funeral Home

Pet Cremation by McCormack Funeral Home

Patches "Patchy Cat"
McCormack 2003 - 2023

Cremation Pricing

Pet Cremation & Memorialization


Understanding cremation pricing and options.

Options for the memorialization of your pet.

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